About Me

The biggest question is where to start. The beginning seems logical…. Off we go!

The Beginning

Lacking things to say, lets get the basics done. Born on Thursday 1st December 1983, at the Louise Margaret Maternity Hospital, which is located in Aldershot, Hampshire.

The all important weight 6lbs 8.5oz which is about 3.12 kg for those outside of the UK. There is not really much to say after that. I admit I don’t really remember the birth of a few of the following years… So lets skip the 0 yrs to 9 yrs.

Well not true I remember a few of them, such as a small time period spent in amature dramatics and plays (I got to play Wee willy winkie – Should of been a clue for my later life!). Apart from that nothing much really! Moving on …

Later Years

Early years into teenage life was actually rather quiet. My family took an interest in Paintball and Racing, so I went along with them. I got my first paintball gun at a pretty young age and went with my parents to the big event around the UK, watching as they got shot different colours! (Sorry but you did!)

Later Teenage years alas ment schooling, I was enrolled at All Hallow Catholic School,
and took a large interest in the odd combination of Hockey and Computers, Computers remaining a massive part of my life even now.
Outside of school I did horse riding on a regular basis. Beasts of burden are a great joy to ride, I was scared everytime I went to the stables and then upset to leave. They say you are a good rider till you have fallen off 7 times.  After 2 years in the saddle and 6 falls I decided to stop horse riding, save the money and continue with my computer interest.  I’ve been horse riding a few times since then, but mostly holiday based activities… Will find a picture if i can!

Most Recent Past

My more recent past involves a very information 4 year stint in learning.. Well that was the plan! After 2 years at University of Portsmouth studying Business Marketing and Human resources, I also tried my hand at Japanese. I spent my third year on a work placement in France.

I managed to secure a position, in the then fledgling, Blizzard Entertainment Europe – customer support team. Duties included learning in-house software and helping customers with product issues. The fact the product was World of Warcraft did help me stay inspired. Blizzard made it easy to play the game at home and then support it at work, and all this unlocked money for me!   Whilst I was out there I got to experience a little French culture and generally fall off the radar for a few years. Something I think everyone should do a little of.

In December 2007 I returned to England after two-ish years of servitude to the French economy and Blizzard. During that time I’d realised a few things about myself, the biggest probably being my sexuality. It was a heart breaking move, I said goodbye to alot of great people, but certain aspects of my life had been answered during my downtime, and good or bad it was time to move on with who I was.

Current Life

Since my current life changes, its not current if it doesnt, its very hard to fill this out. Thats the whole reason for part of this blog:

For now the basics:

  • I’m currently back in England
  • Employed

Future aspirations in my life are really undefined. I’m loving the solo geek life far too much to give it up, yet I think I’m ready to start trying to share my life with someone else, so sure that’ll throw up some obsticles as it goes!

Well not much to say really, this has been my life in brief… It should at least bring you upto date enough that you can go read the blog now