The great austerity (card) game – Part 3

After the stunning success of the Inn Keeper beat down & the forming of the basic Mage deck I decided it was time to spend some gold on an arena key.



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The great austerity (card) game – Part 2

So first few days have been pretty good.

Tutorial is better than I remember – working through that gives your a few simple quest rewards and some gold. Once that was done it was time to grind out the mage leveling.

Suck it Illidan - Cheater!

Suck it Illidan – Cheater!

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The great austerity (card) game – Part 1

It’s been a while since i posted anything game related on this site.
Mostly the site’s been relegated to a place where I bitch about people or derail relationships. So this is me aiming to correct this.

I may be a late starter to Blizzard’s online CCG – Hearthstone but I’ve rapidly been getting into it. Great YouTube people like TrumpSC and RyzanTV, both doing regular streams with the lure of adventure and fun deck designs.

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Protected: Making sense of it all – Part 1

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Office Romance

It seems blogrolls tend to post lots of introvert / depressive stuff. Whilst I tend to stick to EvE or upbeat posts ive lately been finding myself joining them.

If the last few months are any prelude to how 2014 will end, then just get it over with.

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A Question of 1 – Part Two

Edit: This sections been heavily revised from the follow on I originally had written.
Part 2 was originally Part 1 extended, but on reflection I think Part 1 was short and to the point.
Part 2 has since been re-written as a collection of my knowledge on how other people judge / ‘house keep’ their relationships & as an article to cover the questions I was asked after Part 1.
As always I’ve tried to keep it anonymous as possible & where I haven’t, they been given advance reading!

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After Part 1 was posted a few people messaged me (whatsapp & DM thankfully) asking about differences in the monogamous to open relationship models & how I feel / justify them.
I will say this now to get it out the way:

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A Question of 1 – Part One

Edit: I’ve broken this down into a few posts now. Seems I can write quite a bit on the subject and I needed some of it proof read!

A question from someone on twitter started the mother of all “thread-naughts” on my account yesterday.

The Question?
“Monogamy! Is what I love in a relationship 😛
How about you? Like to hear what you like from a relationship :)”

This of course, once posted, lead to lots of people saying they agree with his views & lots of people saying they disagree. Views where varied and strong to the extent of some even saying Monogamy is a lie and doesn’t exist & others saying an open relationship is just a lie for lonely people.

What about me?

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Cheap Faction Fits

All of these fits require only the following skill to level 5 to fit:

  • CPU Management 5
  • Power Grid Management 5

This means no T2 weapons. No AWU. No T2 EANMs. They’re designed for new players to quickly get into frigate PvP in ships that can actually kill something.

I provide no guarantee that these fits are particularly good, but I know they’re better than the sorts of fits I tried I was new. At the very least they manage to avoid small shield extenders, shield rechargers, 100mm plates and other common fitting mistakes new players make.

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Seeking out a new thrill

So for those of you who don’t know I play a game called Eve Online, I’ve played it on and off for many years, giving it a large vacation during my blizzard employment time.

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The pretense of “same”

So, this post will be a bit of a ramble… more a mental exercise.

So I’ve recently, well this year, had a few relationship quibbles. Not all of these have been with the BF, some have been with very close friends or people I was getting to know.

In my mind, these count as relationships! 

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