Play to Win – Part 4

New expansion is out! Hype Hypw!

Season is over! How did i do? Whats new? Have I tempted you to read on?

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Play to Win – Part 3

So decided to grind out levels and quest rewards before the new expansion hit. Opening the packs I got as rewards yielded me a Mountain Giant so taking everything I had from the old Aggro Paladin (see here) I decided to make a old school classic – Zoolock

Cause… why not. I know it, and quick games might shock and awe me some wins.

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Play to Win – Part 2

(Picture heavy post)

Account Password: Check – Rough Idea how the game works: Check

An expectation to be severely out card classed: Check

Here I goooo…….

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The great austerity (card) game – Part 9 / Play to Win – Part 1

So it’s been a while, I’ll write a separate blog post to keep you updated on life, I’ve not played too much in the gaming world let alone the F2P experiment I started back in 2015.

So with some new found drive and time recently, I thought I’d crank out this project again. It helps me relax, game and hell … Two years on the question is still as important!

“How far can a new player get in a card game that’s over three years old, and not have to reach for the wallet?”

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The great austerity (card) game – Part 8

So it’s been awhile, sorry about that!

tgtMuch to update you on, so will start babbling and see how long this blog post gets.

Whats first – Oh yes! TGT is out, (The Grand Tournament!) the second major expansion to the Heartstone universe. the expansion adds over 130 cards to the collection alone, but also with the patch came some useful things for the F2P’ers (Us free to play folk).

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Hearthstone – My little digital debate

For anyone who cares I used to love paper CCG’s, Magic or Yo-gi-oh, but spent a large portion of my time playing a WWE CCG called RawDeal. It was fun, nerdy and actually VERY well supported by the WWE – so winners got to meet superstars, have replica-belts etc etc.

Then it got cancelled – Sad times.

So why Hearthstone over games like Magic?
The answer for me is pretty simple – Its digital.

Digital cards are the future. It will stay interactive, flexible and in Hearthstones case very very mobile. Shall i continue?

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The great austerity (card) game – Part 7

Well … This has been a crazy 24 hours.


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The great austerity (card) game – Part 6

So this will be a pretty image based update (again).

Since the mass pack opening i’ve been tweaking the mage deck and seeing how it plays in the ranking ladder.

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The great austerity (card) game – Part 5

So its been pack opening day!

I’ll admit I was thinking about recording it, but with Hearthstone being so far into its life, a youtube movie of someone opening 20 packs didnt seem like a massive milestone for the game…

Infact, I wish I had recorded it…

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The great austerity (card) game – Part 4

So its been a while since I updated this ‘project’. Mostly because I’ve had no major updates, and mostly because its just been fun (also very frustrating) grinding out the quests and bouncing up and down the rankings.

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