Play to Win – Part 4

New expansion is out! Hype Hypw!

Season is over! How did i do? Whats new? Have I tempted you to read on?

Over the last few weeks blizzard has tried to ease us into the new season “Year of the mammoth” with a whole series of giveaways and bonus packs.

March 29 50 gold
March 30  Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card pack
March 31 100 Dust
April 1  Whispers of the Old Gods card pack
April 2 Journey to Un’Goro card pack
April 3 50 gold
April 4 Journey to Un’Goro card pack

Combined with weekly tavern brawl rewards I go into the new season with 8 packs to bust open and a gold rare! Welcome to Un’goro!

(I decided to spare you the picture spam of the pack opening!)

Also some old Classic cards have rotated into wild, so I no longer need to fear them. Blizzard VERY kindly gave us a dust refund for my Sylvanas so I can craft something new! More details can be found here.

So as noted before I finished at Rank 13 – scooped myself some goodies and bust open a few packs. I managed to get one Legendary in the form of Sunkeeper Tarim – hes great – but not quite enough to make me roll a paladin, not with the lack of cards I own for that hero.

For now its time to keep plugging on with the Commons warrior.

I’m really liking this deck – Its a HARD play. Really needs you to focus, and make the most optimal trades you can. The longer a game goes …. the less your cards will be able to hold against the quality of Pay2Win or long term


players…. but its totally capable of getting you up the ranks!

Another thing I realise I’ve never done is explain how I use my gold and how i set out my week in hearthstone. It sounds odd, but it might be helpful.


That’s the next post I promise…. it’ll be not that boring … Though I have just loaded excel.

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