Play to Win – Part 3

So decided to grind out levels and quest rewards before the new expansion hit. Opening the packs I got as rewards yielded me a Mountain Giant so taking everything I had from the old Aggro Paladin (see here) I decided to make a old school classic – Zoolock

Cause… why not. I know it, and quick games might shock and awe me some wins.

Anyway – Decklists pretty simple – lots of cheap minions and a sea giant to scare them. With some of the more recent expansions there are some good 1-2 mana drop cards, and even though knife juggler has been nerfed (now a 2/2 – thank god!) its still all good value.

The movies old but I’ll link you too its creator Reynad and a small debrief on the deck. Here

Other than the Zoolock I’ve been working on a classic idea I had.

New players won’t have the card pool I currently do, so I wanted to make sure that whilst progressing I worked on a more simple project. Which has lead me towards making the F2P warrior the “Commons Warrior” – Behold … My madness!


Season done, I got to the amazing rank of 13 – and earned myself the pretty OTT chest shown above …. More dust for the dust gods!

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