Play to Win – Part 2

(Picture heavy post)

Account Password: Check – Rough Idea how the game works: Check

An expectation to be severely out card classed: Check

Here I goooo…….

Or so i thought.

So it seems Blizzard doesn’t just dump you back into the game empty handed.

Especially after such a long stint away….I logged into to find the Inn Keeper abducting me and forcing me into a small quest line – which I couldn’t find an escape from!

Before being allowed onto the unsuspecting public (again) it seems like I have to prove myself against three AI opponents, all using reasonable decks.

The InnKeeper is helpfully at hand to provide you with a good deck and bring you upto speed on what you’ve missed….. and apparently I get three packs too! This must be part of the returning player experience I heard about – shameless link here – also a link to someone who recorded their return quest – linky here






*Insert smackdown sounds here*

The done and done – I was rewarded with my three packs and returned to my home screen…. But with even more InnKeeper quests!

The below quests combined with the fact the InnKeeper gives you a sweeeeet deck to mark your return and I was able to net about 12 packs (1 “Watch and Learn Quest” reward & one from the Tavern Brawl this week).






woooooooooow, this post has been picture heavy, but at least I’m back where I remember, the deck selection screen…and my usual suspects!


Until next post!



Oh, and for those who want to know… Here is the InnKeepers deck!

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