The great austerity (card) game – Part 9 / Play to Win – Part 1

So it’s been a while, I’ll write a separate blog post to keep you updated on life, I’ve not played too much in the gaming world let alone the F2P experiment I started back in 2015.

So with some new found drive and time recently, I thought I’d crank out this project again. It helps me relax, game and hell … Two years on the question is still as important!

“How far can a new player get in a card game that’s over three years old, and not have to reach for the wallet?”

Admittedly, I’m not starting a fresh account – You can happily read how far the account got on the older blog posts (Not far!).

The account from 2015 lets me answer a new question about how returning players might be greeted or deal with the new game state. This is assuming all the expansion and DLC content “quests” you get during release are now not available.


So first things first. Let’s catch up on what I’ve missed.

Best place to do this is probably Wikipedia and then hit up the blizzard homepage for more answers when needed.

Woah, Okay, lots to understand.

So, since I last played a card in anger there have been four additions to the card set:

League of Explorers (LoE)

Whispers of the Old Gods (WOG)

One Night in Karazhan (Kara)

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSG)

Theres also a new expansion due out the end of this month: Journey to Un’Goro.

So I’m behind 356 cards … plus the incomplete Classic sets and Goblins vs Gnomes… Depressing…. Intrigued to know what the “Removal from standard” means… Time to research!

*Tinkering sounds*


So…. continued reading, a little confusion and finally asking a friend has cleared up something.

Wild – Play all the cards ever made

Standard – Play cards from the last two years.

So basically the cards I need to amass to stay relevant depends on my format. Wild rewards a complete collection, but Standard needs a small pool (though changes every year), and is the format used in tournaments.

Some good links explaining are:


So that’s the complex stuff out the way …. Time to get back to playing …. With actually no less cards than I had last time! (since I was mostly using classic cards)


For now I deem the austerity title dead, since I’m starting again with an existing account. So a new title is needed!

Play 2 Win is born (giggle)

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