The great austerity (card) game – Part 8

So it’s been awhile, sorry about that!

tgtMuch to update you on, so will start babbling and see how long this blog post gets.

Whats first – Oh yes! TGT is out, (The Grand Tournament!) the second major expansion to the Heartstone universe. the expansion adds over 130 cards to the collection alone, but also with the patch came some useful things for the F2P’ers (Us free to play folk).

So as well as adding a lot of new cards, many of the TGT (get used to this meaning The Grand Tournament!) cards are based around an “Inspire” mechanic. Basically, the cards do something every time you use your hero power! Whilst not great many decks, players with limited card pool may find themselves actually using the hero power a lot of the time. I mostly did with my mage vs aggro players!

Additionally the ranked section of Hearthstone has been overhauled. Now your highest rank is saved in a chest, and the chest pays out a reward at the end of the season. Almost arena-esq. After the rampage my aggro paladin was on, I got some interesting payout!

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-01-15 17.33.35

No use to me … but golds disenchant nicely!


What else … what else… Oh yes the Paladin. Here it currently is:

Few minor changes as I got hold of TGT cards.

Few minor changes as I got hold of TGT cards.


With all the gold i’d had saved from the Arenas and daily quests, I decided to keep doing arena instead of buying packs out right. With each new expansion Blizzard “weight” the reward for packs more in favour of the new stuff.

So my theory is, if I stick with my current “routine” of playing, I should maximise my money / time.

Editor’s note: I’ll do a post about how im spending my time / in-game gold.

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