Hearthstone – My little digital debate

For anyone who cares I used to love paper CCG’s, Magic or Yo-gi-oh, but spent a large portion of my time playing a WWE CCG called RawDeal. It was fun, nerdy and actually VERY well supported by the WWE – so winners got to meet superstars, have replica-belts etc etc.

Then it got cancelled – Sad times.

So why Hearthstone over games like Magic?
The answer for me is pretty simple – Its digital.

Digital cards are the future. It will stay interactive, flexible and in Hearthstones case very very mobile. Shall i continue?


The new age

I was talking to a friend about why i’ve moved off of most CCG’s and stick with Hearthstone. He’s an avid magic fan, and seems to think most CCG’s are about disposable income.

To me, that’s old news!

Obviously, I’ve been playing this blog as a F2P (Free to Play) on the US servers. Mostly as an example that whilst slower, you can still have fun and of all the CCG’s in existence, only the digital ones can do this.

Only a digital CCG can give a player with no money – cards … access to content and allow them to play vs people with money. The currency for free to play accounts has always been time. It takes time to earn the cards / in game currency needed to catch up to people with money, and to these people I have to dig deep to go…

Duuuuuuuuuh! Ya think!?
Person A spends £50 to get all the content and the cards.
You want Person B to only have to play for a day to catch up …. that’s stupidity.
In those situation the company would get very few micro-transactions and everyone would play free.

There has to be a trade off / something to gain from spending money vs making it playable for those without.

To this end my arguments for digital are easy

* A starting deck has minimal finance impact. Its pixels on a server compared to printing and shipping a deck pack in the physical world

* Its more mobile – No longer do I have to cart about folders of well organised cards all in see-through pockets… all shiney …. and lovely..

* Mechanics – Hearthstone can do something no physical game can. Random. the power of random lets something amazing be done, you can reach into the ENTIRE collection of hearthstone without having to own it.

For example – Piloted Shredder is a four mana 4/3 with an amazing effect. When it dies, it summons a random two-mana minion from the entire game. The entire game … thats a crazy amount of RNG (Random number generation), but imagine the fun! 



* Nerfing / Banning / Unbalanced Cards – This for me is a HUGE bonus. In RawDeal / Magic / Etc etc etc Cards will be banned for being too powerful. they are simply no longer allowed. When a publisher does this, they have taken money from you and returned garbage. Carp. Useless. In the digital world, the developers can tweak the cards making them less over powered and able to still be played.

In fact Blizzard has done this in its CCG. Things like Nat Pagle, Tinkmaster Overspark have been tweaked to move them from a “must have” to more normal mainstream. So nothing is wasted, the things you earn stay playable.
Additionally Blizzard has a record of offering “Full refunds” on tweaked cards. Meaning they can be dusted – turned into crafting material without the usual reduction. Meaning 100 dust card gets refunded for 100 dust … and you can craft another card of your choosing!

A few casters / players have actually made movies about the game and tweaks they would like to see. One example is Trumps where he wants to make small changes to cards in each set.

Try re-pulping your paper CCG 😉


For a quickly googled guide on dusting or crafting click here

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