The great austerity (card) game – Part 7

Well … This has been a crazy 24 hours.


So far the mage deck has served me well.

I climbed to about rank 17 after the blog last night, but I started hitting wave after wave of Hunter Aggro decks, which is annoying!

Thankfully my decks resilient, with its board clears, so I started clawing some wins by just hanging on till late game, but it started the cogs turning… I needed to either tweak the mage deck to counter aggro or build a new deck to power past this phase.

The mage deck is good. I like it. Its good…… But.

It’s got midrange power, late game copy (via faceless) and the ability to hold its own in a standard early game. But aggro will stomp it most times. If I change the mage deck to counter aggro I’ll be weaker on the non-aggro matches, so I have to think about that.


I decided to put the priest on hold and spend some of my gold on an Arena – The run was good (good for me) 5-3, the reward pack was AMAZING though, giving me a full set of Muster for battle! Combined with the cards I’d already gotten from the mass pack opening and my secret stash of dust…. I give you.


AGGRO PALADIN! – Cheap as possible

cheap paladin

Lets not mince words … I feel dirty – but damn this thing works well!

So far the guys not lost a game, powering me up to Rank 15!


Principle is simple – cycle your starting hand to get a 1 mana (non-owl) minion. Then do what you can to vomit as many cards on to the board, buff them, swamp the face!

When you run out of cards or they have a big hand, play divine favour

Some tactical trades will be needed, and if you haven’t killed the opponent by turn 7 … youre in trouble.


Good combos:

Turn 2: Knife Juggler -> Turn 3: Muster for battle!

Turn 3: Knife Juggler + Coin (if you go second) + Argent Defender

Turn 7: Arcane Golem / Wolf Rider + Blessing of Kings

Anything with divine shield + Blessing of kings!


Other stuff

The owls are to get you round taunts, or any cards that are buffed / enhanced into silly game threatening levels!

Remember to think about who you’re playing.

Hunters have Unleash the hounds – Mages have Arcane Explosion / Flamestrike – Paladins have consecration – Warlocks have hellfire.

As an example of board clears! so if you think this could happen, hold a few cards in reserve, or only play ones with a divine shield. They’ll be much harder to remove!

As I get more cards / packs / I fully intend to keep improving the deck.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-19-15 18.30.40


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