The great austerity (card) game – Part 6

So this will be a pretty image based update (again).

Since the mass pack opening i’ve been tweaking the mage deck and seeing how it plays in the ranking ladder.


So below are the images for the tweaks:

1to6 7to15 finalformSo as you can see, I started adding cards at a slow rate, to not completely turn the deck from “freebie” cards to pack intensive. Each change was gradual but not all beneficial.


The low end spells have been kept due to the amount of rush decks on the field. If you don’t deal with a rush decks board quickly and keep the early damage down. You Lose.

So basic plan was in this match – Mana Wyrm +Hero ability to deal with the board. If it gets bad then Arcane explosion.

Later the Earthen Ring Farseer + a Sunfury / Defender of Argus will help return life and put a nice body in the opponent’s way.

Most other types of play (control or balanced <-[this ones a movie!]) you can use the cards as you see fit. But try to spend all your mana and hopefully predict what your opponent will do next turn, since by now you should know a few things:

EG. – turn 7 a Mage can play a Flamestrike – so if hes been holding onto a card all game till now … it might be this. So keep a few minions in your hand, or play ones over 4 health to make him REALLY work to clear up your army 🙂

So thats the deck for now – Its working well for me. Though I’m starting to think It might be worth making a cheap aggro deck.

I’ll leave you with this image of a GOLD warlock dieing to me (you need 500 wins to get a golden char)  *smug mode*

Hearthstone Screenshot 07-11-15 15.13.15



P.S. Whilst im here – I should hype Trump a bit more – Hes recently extended the Trump Teachings to include some deck types and they are VERy helpful to new users.


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