The great austerity (card) game – Part 5

So its been pack opening day!

I’ll admit I was thinking about recording it, but with Hearthstone being so far into its life, a youtube movie of someone opening 20 packs didnt seem like a massive milestone for the game…

Infact, I wish I had recorded it…


It would of been funny to hear me explore the cards.

So 20 packs, that’s 5 cards per pack so 100 new cards to be added to my collection!
I did today’s quests for 140 gold so decided to buy 1 Goblins vs Gnomes pack too.

So lets do the maths:

Blizzard has no official stats on my chances of drawing xyz type of card, though after more than a year of players getting packs, there is plenty of peoples information / stats on what they go.
There are also amazing YouTubers like Trumps 100 packs of Amaz’s 421 packs!! (it was a long watch).

Chances of getting a legendary card can be summarised as, sketchy at best.
My gut says I fall from “lucky” into the “unlucky” group if I don’t see at least 1 during my 21 packs. Anything after that should be considered God’s work. (this includes epics and multi rares).

So pack after pack was opened – the obligatory rare and me reading all the card texts.

I tried my best to keep a mental note of cards I didn’t think I’d want / need, as these could be turned into dust, and whilst a bad trade (you get about 1/8th of the value), I need all the dust I can to craft cards I need to be better.

Opening Packs Opening Packs Opening Packs Opening Packs Opening Packs Opening Packs Opening PacksOpening Packs Opening Packs Opening Packs
Opening Packs
Opening Packs

Above are all the cards I gained after “dusting” some of the duplicates. I AM VERY HAPPY!

Sylvanas is a great card if I want to play a less fast game and aim to steal minions (I’m thinking a priest deck… and Alexstrasza is an amazing card, which I think I might be able to squeeze into my Mage deck!

In fact I’ll post about the mage updates in the next blog!

*Does happy dance*

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