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The great austerity (card) game – Part 8

So it’s been awhile, sorry about that!

tgtMuch to update you on, so will start babbling and see how long this blog post gets.

Whats first – Oh yes! TGT is out, (The Grand Tournament!) the second major expansion to the Heartstone universe. the expansion adds over 130 cards to the collection alone, but also with the patch came some useful things for the F2P’ers (Us free to play folk).

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Site Update -2014

So this sites gone a little neglected. I wont deny that, but ive been aiming to change it.

I recently posted on twitter that id throw up a page on a grindr chat I had recently. I decided against hat as well, its personal and my rage at his close minded-ness doesnt warrent him to be plastered all over the internet.

One of the main reasons is also the site had fallen into disrepair.

WP was out of date and corrupt to feck, and has taken a lot of time to get back up and working!

You’ll notice some images are missing – Im sorry for this, when I can find the old photos i’ll put them back up. But for now they were also compromised so had to go to!


Remember – more upto date rambles can be found on my Twitter account @Mouseco_P.

It should be in the side bar (assuming i get it working again!) but feel free to follow it on your mobile do-hickies 🙂



Absent Admin!

Aims and Objectives

I always try to avoid my blog after a prolonged absence.

It gives me the same kind of negative feeling as missing a family member’s birthday or walking in half way through dinner…. So powered by red wine from dinners missed, let’s get typing.

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New Site – All Change please

So its been a while since I posted anything. For those of you who had the misfortune of seeing the old site before I took it down will now be loving the uncluttered version.

I’ll admit it, the website, needs a little more tweaking and content, but for now…. It’s just mildly refreshing to not have loads of colours all over the place and lots of drab backgrounds.