Post hoc ergo propter hoc

Confused by the title ? Dont be. The term “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” means, “after this, therefore because of this”. Simply put one action, cause after another action, must be linked to the one before it.

In the case of this site, thats technically correct, some University course work, followed by help from “The Adam” in terms of hosting and HTML lessons this site is born. Everything after this though is not connected… So much for Latin wisdom!

Content & Design

My HTML / XML skills are a little rusty, and I need this site to be functional as well as attractive. For now im going to be editing the base WordPress Theme, using my ,hopefully increasing know how, to change the CSS (Style sheet) and add tweaks as needed.

Content on the site wont be picture heavy, whilst I keep costs for bandwidth down. A Photo album may go up, but to be fair facebook does it better and I can always link to those. For now the site will serve as my basic need to explain myself and my life, at least through my eyes.

To this end I’ve added alot of snooping widgits to the side of most web pages. These include a live view of my twitter posts (might need to refresh for new ones), and a GPS location. It updates everytime I check my iPhone email or web browse, or when my computer boots up, so it should stay relatively accurate.

At the bottom of the page I’ve added a “Ask me” question box. This does work, and I do reply to them, this little Q&A function comes from out friends at Formspring, so please feel free to use it. I filter all questions before they’re made public!